T M Brumby Builder Ltd News Feed http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz T M Brumby Builder Ltd Spring Has Sprunghttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/12/Spring-Has-SprungThe warmer weather is just around the corner.&nbsp; Time to sort out those outdoor areas and renovations you were putting off until the Winter was over.<br /> <br /> Give us a call today - Remember ... free quotes!<br /> <br type="_moz" />1442145600http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/12/Spring-Has-Sprunghttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nzSpring Has Sprunghttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/12/Spring-Has-Sprung Cooler Weatherhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/9/Cooler-Weather<p>With the colder months now upon us, remember to make sure your smoke detectors are working.&nbsp; Be especially careful emptying those ash cans from your fire places and take care when lighting your fires.&nbsp; Remember Smoke Alarms do save lives.</p>1428926400http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/9/Cooler-Weatherhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz189Cooler Weatherhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/9/Cooler-Weather Staff Member Completes Apprenticeshiphttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/10/Staff-Member-Completes-ApprenticeshipCongratulations to Trent who has recently completed his apprenticeship with TM&nbsp;Brumby Builders.&nbsp; We are pleased to say that Trent will be staying on with the company.&nbsp; Good on you Trent, we're very proud of you.1427799600http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/10/Staff-Member-Completes-Apprenticeshiphttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz190Staff Member Completes Apprenticeshiphttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/10/Staff-Member-Completes-Apprenticeship New Home for Gore Familyhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/6/New-Home-for-Gore-Family<p>Unfortunately a local home was destroyed by fire recently.&nbsp; TM&nbsp;Brumby Builders have been contracted to rebuild this loved home.&nbsp; The piles and concrete base were able to remain while the rest of the house is reconstructed.&nbsp; Take a look through our photos in the gallery as the project develops over the next few weeks.&nbsp; If you are in need of work like this, give us a call.&nbsp; We will be happy to put a price in to your insurance company.</p>1427799600http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/6/New-Home-for-Gore-Familyhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz204New Home for Gore Familyhttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/6/New-Home-for-Gore-Family From Christchurch to Gorehttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/7/From-Christchurch-to-GoreA kitchen was purchased in Christchurch and relocated to Gore - TM&nbsp;Brumby Builders were asked to fit the kitchen and 'make it work', which we did.&nbsp; Take a look at the kitchen just before the appliances arrived and flooring went down.1418036400http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/7/From-Christchurch-to-Gorehttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz187From Christchurch to Gorehttp://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/7/From-Christchurch-to-Gore Master Builders' House of the Year - Gold Winners 2011http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/3/Master-Builders-House-of-the-Year-Gold-Winners-2011T.M. Brumby Builders were Gold Winners of the $450,000 - $600,000 category for House of the Year 2011 for a home in Tapanui, adding to an already impressive list of other Awards over the years.<br /> <br /> These achievements are among many reasons why you should choose Trevor M. Brumby for your building needs.<br /> <br /> <a href="/pages/2/Contact" data-object-ref="scm_page_content:2">Contact the team today</a> - you will be glad you did!1406808000http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/3/Master-Builders-House-of-the-Year-Gold-Winners-2011http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz119Master Builders' House of the Year - Gold Winners 2011http://www.brumbybuilding.co.nz/news/3/Master-Builders-House-of-the-Year-Gold-Winners-2011